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Advantages of Brand Activation Marketing

Marketing is a major war against so many powerful competitors who are working very hard to acquire a niche in a market that is already crowded. It is a stiff completion, and every marketer has to do their best to make sure that their brand is well known and well placed to sell in the market. In today's' world we are surrounded by brands, and it has become a fundamental part of our lives. The priority for every business is to excel in all fields and be able to achieve nothing but the best. For a reason, it is paramount that the companies have to rise above the normal and usual standards to plan, create and then come up with innovative promotional ideas that will be able to suit and also cater to the brand and this will be important in bringing the customers closer to the products.

The brand activation is a process that is used to bring a product alive and by creating a brand experience. It is an essential part of the evolution and mobilization any brand. This will ignite the demands for the brands, and to be able to do so, we must activate the consumer's passion, and this is through the use of a power and huge idea.  The customers must connect to a brand emotionally for them to feel the demand to buy your products.

The people who are marketing the services are responsible for activating your brand. When your brand is productively activated, it can bring in many more customers along with not letting go of its existing market share. This process has to be implemented in the right manner so that it will not have a bad image to your company brand. The event management with the help of a Photo Marketing Agency is also a vital step for the process of the brand activation. Organizing for meetings and conventions is a way you can bring people together for a common cause. Also organizing for promotional campaigns is another way that can help you in brand activation marketing. Conducting of different types of events and programs is important to address the purpose, impression and the message that the organization wants to communicate to its esteemed customers.

The brand activation process has to be flexible; the best brand activation process such as with a Photo Marketing Agency should change and adapt to the present trends that are in the market. Ensure that the brand activation process takes into consideration the customers taste, preference and attentive listening to the responses of your customers and then make the most appropriate changes to the process.

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Benefits of Brand Activation Marketing

This is a well-known marketing discipline.  It is also a very new term in the industry. Brand activation refers to the art of driving consumer action through brand contact and familiarity. There are various ways that the brand activation marketing takes place in the market. This is through consumer promotions, the digital campaigns, shopper marketing and also through the sampling campaigns. There are various activation benefits that come to the sellers' when they carry put a brand activation marketing with the help of a Social Branding Agency.

They make it possible in the strengthening of their relationship between them and the clients. That is the seller and the buyer relationship. With this the seller gets to interact with their customers face to face. They get to understand their needs and also their lamentations if there is any. When one goes to the shop to buy a phone, for example, there are things that they expect it to do but when they get home, they are disappointed. So when there is this kind of marketing they can make them understand why the product is not behaving as they were expecting it to and why it's not giving a particular service that they thought it could do. The users those are the consumers they get to understand its importance and to also on how to handle it so that it can give the service for as long as possible.  They also make them learn on new features of the commodity they are selling, and the next time that they come selling the new product in the market the consumers will be willing to buy it.

It also facilitates a benefit to the consumers during the promotion. When the brand and Photo Marketing Agency or company comes to the market for promotions, they go with them various goodies, and that is why it's called a promotion. They bring with them various commodities that the consumers may be interested in. The example they may come to the market with t-shirts, they may also come with different appliances that may accompany the commodity they are marketing, they also bring with them umbrellas and so many people may want to get either of the things. There are those who may be interested in the umbrellas that are branded the company name or the t-shirt. People may even end up scrambling for the things because in one way or another it will serve a very important thing.  They get to have all the entire question they might have answered, and also they get assisted in any way necessary.

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Guide to Brand Activation Marketing

If you have seen TV ads that claim something about their product, chance are you wouldn't believe it because every other company selling the same kinds of products also say the same things.

With brand activation from a Social Branding Agency, however, businesses can gain credibility and popularity with their customers. There they interact directly with their target customers and letting them experience their product fir hand. This can help the company experience a significant increase in sales and customer loyalty.

There are two general steps involved in brand activation.

The first is above the line promotions or ATL which helps the brand reach many people by using channels such as TV and radio. One example of this is the TV ads we see daily. They help spread the word about a particular product in the market. This helps brand activation and targeting consumers. But what this stage lacks is the direct consumer involvement. This is not good for business because credibility and consumer loyalty are equally important.

Below the line promotions or BTL are promotional activities where consumers have direct participation and involvement. Brands can directly market their products to individuals and get valuable feedback from them. There are many types of BTL activities including events, road shows, and dealer level activities. These activities help in directly marketing particular products with the help of a Social Branding Agency. And this can especially help is establishing credibility.

When a brand uses below the line promotions, they can show right in front of their targeted customers that their product can do what it claims to do. Customers can get product samples and find out for themselves if the claims are true or not. So, if the product is good enough, consumers would trust your brand.

To give a specific example, if you are selling washing powder, you can use ATL to make the brand known to consumers through TV ads. You can make claims that your washing powder can really make clothes as white as new. Of course, ATL promotions may not be believed by everyone but what you have achieved is letting the public know about it. BTL promotions then give you the opportunity to let customers experience your washing powder. You bring it to the event with all the necessary items and show them that your product really works right before their eyes. So they see this really dirty shirt become good as new after washing with the powder. You give them samples to try on their clothes at home. Once convinced you have gained new customers for your product

This type of brand activation is very effective in generating sales compared to the above the line promotions. However, both are equally important for an overall brand activation marketing campaign.

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